Fishing on The Kern

caught a big rainbow trout

The Kern River is known as a wonderful haven for avid trout fishers, fly fishers, and other fishermen all year round. The Kern River is home over a half dozen species of fish. From trout and bass, to catfish, crappie and tadpoles, this river offers something for every level of fisherman.

The Forks of The Kern rafting run actually flows right through the spectacular Golden Trout Wilderness and Sequoia National Forest. Starting at the confluence of the Little Kern and the North Fork of the Kern, expect a difficult and challenging trip. Yet prepare to relax once you hit camp with your fishing pole in hand and the most amazing scenery anywhere. This stretch of whitewater is home to Golden Trout, Rainbow Trout, and the ocassional Brown Trout.

fly-fishing flies

The Golden Trout are so unique and colorful, the California Legislature has named them the official fresh water "State Fish," and the Kern river drainage is the only area they are native to. Make sure you have all of your flies tied, because it is time to go fishing!!!

California Golden and Little Kern Golden Trout

star Scientific Name: Oncorhynchus Mykiss Aquabonita

Golden TroutSo spectacular and beautiful that they have become our state fish. Golden Trout are brilliantly colored, they have the least number of black spots with dark olive backs, golden bellies with parr marks and a red splash along the lateral line. Reddish orange lower fins and lower belly and white margins along the lower fins are also characteristic.

Kern River Rainbow Trout

star Scientific Name: Oncorhynchus Mykiss Gilberti

Rainbow TroutThe Kern River Rainbow Trout is native to the main stem of the Kern River, at lower elevations than the California and Little Kern Goldens. The Kern River Rainbow is much less colorful than golden trout, usually silvery with only a reddish lateral band, and is covered with spots.

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